Some of our favorites past and present.



Flagship Beers:


Harbottle IPA - 6.3% abv, 60 IBU: Bursting with resinous pine and citrus notes, this aggressively-hopped ale scratches our itch for west-coast flavoring while maintaining a drinkability that'll leave your taste buds asking for more. Dank, dry and dangerously drinkable, the Harbottle IPA is an expression of everything we love about the style that helped build the American craft beer scene.


Easy Going - 5.2% abv, 20 IBU: Let's face it - we live in a pretty hot dessert. Scorching hot summers with radical monsoons beckon the most desirable of porch-sipping suds. Our Kölsch-style ale is a wonderful treat for those wanting an easy-going beer that delivers a floral and spicy nose with cereal grain notes that finish with very subtle notes of fruit. Lagered for two weeks gives this beer a refreshing and crisp finish that is perfect for the anytime of the Arizona desert.


No Trabajes Tanto - 6.5% abv, 24 IBU: Uniting the crisp, clean finish of the true to the word lager with smooth caramel notes. No Trabajes Tanto is a reminder to kick back from time to time and relish the subtlety of life. 

Seasonal Beers:



Bummer Summer: Almost Gone!
Fruit beer? Yes, we made one. Don't be to quick to judge. “Bummer Summer” has been loaded up with fresh watermelon. It’s pink. It’s juicy. And at just 5% ABV, it’s perhaps our most crushable beer to date.
Don’t let the color fool you either — this is not a candy beer!


Dave's Imperial Stout : Coming This Fall!
Big, luscious, and everything the king of beer styles should be, our imperial stout is our most rugged beer release yet. Marrying the dark and roasty character of a classic imperial stout with the smooth, semi-sweet flavoring of cacao nibs, Madagascar vanilla, and English treacle, this luscious ale is built to carry us through the darker times. With its boozy aroma and creamy mouthfeel, this beer is best served with friends and paired with robust desserts and evenings by the fire. ​


Don't forget to check back often to see what new things we're working on! We brew to the season and our offerings are always changing!