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Brett Savage has been one our most fun experiments on barrel-aging sour beer. For 3 years we have nurtured this beautiful beast with 3 different strains of brettanomyces, and 4 lactobacillus strains. The result is nothing less than amazingly savage!  

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"When it comes to the art of crafting beer, the only thing that limits us is our creativity. Inspiration hides itself in every nook and cranny in the never ending story we call life. At times we too find ourselves caught amidst the struggle. Often seeking a fine beverage to aide the horrid ass-hattery of the day. Our beers are serious; seriously in depth and meant to make your head spin. Along with our flagship beers, our mixed fermentation and sour series will be an active project alongside everything else in the brew house." 

- Michael Figueira, Co-Owner/Brewmaster